Frequently Asked Questions

Is it more expensive to work with you? How do you get paid?

I get paid through a combination of supplier commissions. The supplier commissions  are built into EVERY travel package, even the ones you see online! Earning supplier commissions does not make your trip more expensive—in fact, thanks to my relationships with suppliers, I’m able to offer you the best pricing possible, and sometimes a perk or upgrade when available.

Why should I use a travel advisor when I can just book online?

I genuinely care about my client’s and their travel plans. No calling a 1-800 number here. Best pricing guaranteed, always the same as you see online. I will save you hours of searching online and reading reviews. I will give you peace of mind with handling all the logistics, research and booking details with VIP service of course! I TRULY appreciate your business, the big internet companies do not.

Peace of mind knowing that you have a travel expert with insider experience on your side. As an agent I am up to date on current regulations in the industry. Do you need a tourist visa? Is there a departure tax? Do you pay for your bags? Do you pay for your seats? These are questions I can answer for you. I’m TICO certified so you can feel confident in booking with a registered travel agent. All of these things listed above - at no cost to you!

Will I be able to contact you during my vacation?

Yes! I’ve got your back. Not that you plan on chatting with me on your holiday, but incase anything pops up I’m available by phone/text/whatsapp/email. Or send me a postcard, I’ll even respond to that. You can contact me to smooth out any travel hiccups. My travellers can rest assured when they hit the road they will have support from their personal Travel Designer. 

How involved can I be in the planning process?

As involved as you would like ! I have many clients who prefer me to take charge of every single little detail and take the planning off their plate. I also have clients who know where they want to stay (hotel/resort) and like for me to do the booking so they have a travel expert on their side if anything were to go wrong. 

Why do you recommend travel insurance?

I’ve seen one too many times how vacations can be ruined and dollars flushed down the drain without it. A vacation is too much of an investment to leave to chance. The right travel insurance can protect you in many different situations, like if you need to cancel your trip at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances. Travel insurance may also reimburse you for mix ups you encounter while traveling, like lost luggage. Travel insurance should be considered a priority. 

What happens after I book?

After you’re happy with your final itinerary and I have booked your trip, I will confirm everything with my suppliers and you can start the vacation countdown - yay! As you get closer to the departure date and have made your final payment, I’ll send through your final travel documents before setting up a pre-departure email or call to answer any last-minute questions.

Do I need vaccines for my trip?

Please be aware it’s your responsibility to ensure you’re covered for all possible vaccinations or medications needed for your trip. I pride myself on being able to do many things but sadly I am not a qualified physician, so please speak with your doctor to ensure you are up to date on your recommended vaccinations. *Often vaccinations need to be given well over a month prior to departure.

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